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Guide to Stock Market (Trading in General) Mentoring/Mentorship Programs in the philippines

Hi, may nakikita akong questions about investing/trading and some about trading mentors/gurus societies etc.
This is my opinion depende na sa inyo kung susundin nyo.
ZFT - Zeefreaks tribe,
First, i do respect "Zee" as a trader,his "tribe" teaches or mentors their students using their system to become their own. Generally, Darvas Box, MAs 20 50 100 and RSI are their weapons but mainly its the Price Action and RSI ang parang laman talaga ng System nila and you can only get better through time as with other systems in general. I think they are good, but yun na nga, just good.
They charge you with a hefty sum na i don't think na ma jujustify nila, because at the end of the day more or less its you ( along with practice) and your psychology that can help you along the way. Okay, may Trading psych coach daw sila , si Ma'am Celeste (Zee's Gf) pero overtime you will learn about yourself in the process naman.
Zee is justifying the hefty fee because sabi nya before if im not mistaken na the clients are not paying the mentoring alone pero along with it yung "CULTURE" ng ZFT. I say, bullshit. Di nga nya alam na may mga ZFT "mentors" na that are mentoring other people without his knowledge and charging them less but still a very hefty fee. hehe Akala nya wala na pero meron pa, magaling lang talaga magtago.

KIDLAT- hmm , same with ZFT since dun din naman sya nanggaling, Habits you know.

T3 ( The Tattooed Trader)- well, this guy is LEGIT. He trades international markets too not just PSEI. Reasonable Fee. Good guy,prangka din. He doesnt tolerate Bullshit. He wont try to impose his system sayo but instead encourages you to go with the process. That's it.

Gandah Koh ( Trader's Lounge) - He/She provides free content daw. Yes, FREE content pero at the same time sinasabi nya that he/she is just an average trader. Kicks people who patronizes paid mentorship / who belong sa paid mentorship or kahit magtanong ka man lang ng about paid mentorship rage mode na agad tapos kick na agad. Yung mga followers nya ayaw lang talaga gumastos to learn premium content. Biruin nyo? gusto maging free yung investa? lol.
Ironic, why? kasi sabi nya average trader lang daw sya but he/she shuts off people who would want to learn from those who are better than her. To all hehis followers, Eto po tanong ko.
  1. may member ba sa Trader's lounge na consistently profitable na? with rising equity curve?
  2. Do you think the best traders out there did not spend any cent to boost their career to the top?
Simple lang yan. isip isipin nyo. :D

BOH- Superb! yung mga quant models nila ay one of the best if not the best. Very technical and systematic yung BOH and their team ay may credentials to back it up. Yung Fee ay affordable, kayang kaya ng ordinary working people.
Oakbridge (DAVAO)- not much information about them kasi tahimik lang sila ,but what i know is that bigatin yung mentors dun but apart from that i don't know much kaya i can't say anything more.
Bigote (bigote trading financial advocacy) - Eto yung free content na LEGIT. One of the best people i know, he is a caylum trading institute alumni. Eto, you use his system plus master price action.
Open journal by Javi Medina, Matt flores, Ken Arcano - If you dig Elliot wave then they are the guys you want to learn from, the information they provide are all backtested, no guess works just pure juicy contents day in and day out.
They manage funds from various big time clients.
Tomatrader, Jet mojica(from BOH), Joanne (from investa), Bearyo ( from investa) and etc Joined Open Journal.
Javi Medina - ranked 1st the 2020 US investing competition, also he was an investacup champion.
Ken Arcano - top 5 in investacup.
Matt Flores- i dont know much about him though, silent kind of guy.
OJ's system can be used in trading crypto, Forex , commodities, US stocks and other indices.
Caylum Trading Institute - i think di na kailangan e describe pa yung caylum eh. *wink*

So there you go. It's your choice kung how you will take my opinion, you can bash me or what i really don't care. At the end of the day, choice nyo pa rin yon.
Kung ako lang, id go with
  1. Read the trading code by jason cam.
  2. Download any price action videos/books . Ex. Steve nison books
  3. Try out Bigote's framework or enroll with any one of those services , but i would recommend open journal, BOH, T3 or caylum. If you want ZFT or kidlat then go for it.

At the end of the day, stick with one system , be patient, dont shortcut the process, master one setup at a time and improve your trading psychology. I dont want to spread hate, just spitting out my opinion.
You can share this in fb, twitter or any socmed you like or not share this, do whatever you want.
That's all. Stay home to help the frontliners.
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